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When sir Arthur Conan Doyle described the adventures of his most famous literary character, he knew what he was writing about. After all, the author himself was not alien to the investigation. About the most famous of them compatriot and colleague of the writer Julian Barnes said in his novel " Arthur The story begins to unfold in 1903, when a wave of brutal murders of farm animals swept through the countryside of Staffordshire County. Police promptly charged local lawyer George Edalji with the crimes and he was convicted. The press immediately picked up the scandalous process, calling it" the case of a short-sighted Indian", and began to savor in detail, allegedly committed by a lawyer of madness.nnWhen Arthur Conan Doyle from the Newspapers learned about this case, he was shocked by the superficiality of the investigation. Without wasting time, he and his assistant woody goes to Staffordshire to the place to help Edalji. And there is no doubt that the writer's mind and his thirst for justice will help to justify an innocent convict.

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