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In 9784, according to the chronology of the Commonwealth, the Nietzscheans revolted, aimed at getting rid of control and the establishment of their own orders. Thus began the war, which should change the whole world. To stop enemy, Star Guard Commonwealth) sent power -- a period their army cruiser "Constellation of Andromeda", under the leadership captain Dylan hunt. However, the most powerful structure ever created by mankind falls into the trap of the Nietzsche fleet. Realizing that they will not be able to escape, the captain gives the order to evacuate the ship to the entire crew. He remains on the ship and was taken prisoner of temporal anomaly of a black hole in Vulcan. The Commonwealth of Systems lost this war, but a new Empire was never created, and the universe plunged into the darkness of the "Long Night." 303 years have passed since these events. The ship Eureka Maru, under the command of captain Becky Valentine, discovered a powerful Commonwealth vessel and was able to pull it out of the orbit of the black hole. For Dylan hunt all these long years flew by as an instant and now his main mission was the restoration of the Commonwealth Systems...

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