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Complete TV Series Aldnoah.Zero by Tokyo MX. Seasons included: 1,2,3 in high quality and low size. Click Scroll to download to select the season.

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This is another animated mango, which is so popular now in the West and in the East alternative history. As follows from this series, in 1973, the Americans did not just fly with his expedition "Apollo" to the moon. They not only established there a star-striped flag, but also found an artifact, once created by the ancient Martian civilization – the entrance to hyperspace.nnHypergate led to a split among the earthlings. Some of them wanted to stay on their native Land, and some wanted to colonize the Red planet. The colonists created their civilization-the Empire of the Versailles. They took all of the Martian relics, including steel sole owners of ancient technology, Aldea. This development led to a war between the Versians and the earthlings, in which the Moon disappeared, and the Earth received significant destruction on its surface.nnFinally came the shaky peace after a decade and a half of which the Princess of the colonists, young Assalam Allysia arrived on a diplomatic mission to Earth. But as soon as the delegation daughter of the Emperor of Vers landed on her unknown made a daring attack. Witnesses to the attack was the pupil, When with his friends. Now the guys will either prevent a new war between the colonists and earthlings, or take sides and fight to the death.

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