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The American civil war is a theme that has been exploited in many TV series, feature films and documentaries. The artistic TV show "Point of Honor" offers a new perspective on a historically difficult time. The center of the story is the famous Virginia family, which was on the verge of a split – the situation is such that the brother actually goes to his brother.nnWhen the war between the North and the South begins, one of the main characters of the series, John Rhodes, decides to free the slaves from his family plantation located in Virginia. At the same time, he remains a supporter of the position of the southern States, which protect their slave rights. If John were alone, there wouldn't be this story. However, he has three sisters, on the future which his behavior exerts a significant influence. And his decision to release the slaves condemns his best friend Robert, who is married to one of his sisters. He's fighting for the Northmen. So much for the drama.nnGradually all the decent family of the South away from Rodicov. The tragic period for the country becomes a moment of truth for this family: each of its members will have to pass the test: who is love, who is courage, who is steadfast.

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