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  • Genres:
  • Animation
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According to the idea of the creators of the animated series "Afro Samurai" in alternative Japan, there is a curious hierarchy of samurai. A lot of good soldiers, but also biomass. Great same just two: respectively the First and the Second. The holder of the armband with the No. 1 – almost celestial. He will not lower myself to battle with mere mortals, so the challenge he can throw solely wearing a headband with the number 2.nnLife second much more dangerous – in its place can claim to be anyone. When the Second a great warrior sickened by, finally, be permanent sparring-partner ordinary samurai, he causes on battle First great, kills and ranks his place. After his victory, he says to the son of the deceased a short but understandable phrase: "Remember always: I'm waiting!". The boy grows up, hones his combat skills and begins to move rapidly to the top of the hierarchy.nnFinally, he gets the bandage from # 1. Now he has one goal: to find the first great and avenge his father. His journey will be bloody, but revenge will not allow him to lose on the way to some ordinary samurai. The plot, as you can see, is extremely simple, it is difficult to make it somehow more complicated, so it is clear that 95% of the screen time is occupied by sword battles.

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