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There is a category of people who have seen everything in life, tried everything, so all have their own, no one can be challenged opinion. In companies, these people love to boast of their invaluable experience - so bright and unforgettable. It is not forgotten because they constantly remember it. These are the two main characters of the British Comedy series "Absolutely Fabulous".nnIn Russian language the name is sometimes translated as "Just fantastic!". This is what the heroines – Edina and Patsy always say, remembering their past. Them about forty (although in one episode it is mentioned that at Edina, there are 80-year-old younger sister), their youth came from the 60s. At that time, the girls they claim to actively use the main trend of the era – psychotropic substances. There came the seventies, and they in connection with a fashion trend, began to indulge in punk. Came the 80s, a friend put on high heels, bright makeup, saucily hair and went off to discos.nnToday, they just drink and reminisce. And they do it so reliably that many of their unwitting listeners begin to believe them. Patsy and Edina are still trying to stay awake, and only an involuntary tear and a spasm in their voice gives the fact that their youth is gone, they know about it and regret it.

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